In this video I review several different sizes of rubber duck antennas, some SMA adapters, an attenuator, and also one large yagi-uda antenna. In the future I will review the yagi-uda antenna more in-depth along with other types of antennas such as L-Band patches.

SDR Hardware:
– BladeRF x40
– E4000 RTL-SDR
– R820T2 RTL-SDR

Antenna Hardware:
– Sparkfun CEL-00675 (Small GSM Antenna) – Almost identical to Adafruit’s 1858 antenna.
– Sparkfun CEL-08347 (Medium GSM Antenna)
– Sonstige [Unknown part number] (Large GSM Antenna)
– Poynting A-LPDA-0092 (Yagi-Uda Directional Antenna)

– SMA Female to SMA Female (For the adapter/extension cables that came with the BladeRF)
– RP-SMA Jack to SMA Plug (For the Large GSM Antenna and similar antennas that utilise a RP-SMA Male connectors)
(There are too many RF adapter types to be honest.)

Topics covered:
– RF attenuators
– RF adapters
– RF antennas

– SDR# (sdrsharp, &

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