In this video I show how to install and configure Deluge, including the web interface, and then where you can find a working copy of the A5/1 Rainbow Tables (DLT files) and import it into Deluge.

Disclaimer: Do not abuse your Deluge server for any illegal downloads. Only use it for legal downloads such as the A5/1 tables.

Note: An alternative way to get the rainbow tables, is to either buy a copy of them (you’re better off renting a server unless you intend to crack A5/1 on your own hardware), or ask some of the people on the “Security Research Labs” mailing list if you can drop by and get a copy. (You’ll need to bring your own 2TB disk to store them on, and you probably want one that has USB 3.0. It’s not guaranteed someone will help you out, but I have seen some people offer this service for free.)

Topics covered:
– Installing Deluge
– Configuring Deluge
– Finding the right A5/1 Rainbow Tables

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