In this video I show how I managed to pick up the International Space Station! A few weeks ago, Alexander Gerst (an astronaut onboard the ISS) was scheduled to talk with two German schools (gymnasiums). As that exact time and date were also perfect for me, and the max elevation was decent (not perfect), I decided to try and pick up the ISS again.

If you want to pick up the ISS, then besides following the advice in this video, you should also listen between 09:00 UTC and 21:00 UTC approximately, as that is when the astronauts and also the radio is more likely to be active. If you try at night, even several nights in a row like 1:00 (AM) UTC, then unless they’re repeatedly broadcasting a signal, then it’s unlikely that you will pick up anything.

Special Thanks:
– Josh (First elite supporter!)

– RTL-SDR (R820T2)
– ANT500
– SDR# (SDR Sharp)
– ISS Detector (Mobile App)


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