In this video I show how to install BladeRF, use an FFT-based spectrum analyser to view GSM and WiFi signals, and last but not least, produce jamming signals!

Disclaimer: You should NOT produce jamming signals outside a Faraday cage or equivalent lab configuration.

While jamming signals have little to no purpose for most people, they are of course used in some types of modern warfare, in some cinemas, and also if you’re for example doing research on car hacking! Some newer cars have 2G and most likely 3G and 4G capabilities, and since 2G is the most insecure (or weakest link), the easiest way to e.g. sniff communication from the car over 2G GSM, is to jam the frequencies/channels it’s using. That will make the car fall back to 2G GSM.

This should obviously be done under controlled environments.

After jamming the 3G and 4G frequencies while the car (or well, the GSM antenna of the car) is e.g. inside a faraday tent/cage, then you can proceed to either try to sniff any communication it attempts to make over 2G, or you can also host your own 2G BTS inside that Faraday tent/cage and use it to sniff the data in a much more easy way.

Special Thanks:
– Josh (First elite supporter!)

– Ubuntu
– VMware
– BladeRF (Generate signal)
– RTL-SDR (View generated signal)
– gr-osmosdr (i.e. osmocom_fft && osmocom_siggen)

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