In this video I show how to configure VMware ESXi and install the Debian operating system.
This video continues from my previous video about selecting the right server and installing VMware on it.

Note: Any hosting provider that offers VMware ESXi, “unlimited traffic”, 2x 2TB disks, and a relatively fast Internet connection (at a reasonable price) can be used.

Topics covered:
– Changing the root password in vSphere (ESXi 5.5)
– Adding new datastores globally
– Uploading ISO files
– Creating virtual machines
– Setting up Internet/networking with OVH on VMware
– Installing Debian
– Fixing the interface configuration
– Adding nameservers manually
– Fixing the repository list (sources.list)
– Installing openssh-server
– Testing that the SSH server works

– VMware Clients:
– OVH Failover IP Guide:

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