In this video I test whether Google Chrome really is listening to everything you say, and if this data is used to serve you targeted ads.

As is evident in this video, I was unable to replicate the results from the original video. The original video seems too much of a hoax intended to go viral as a “tragedy”. Since Google launched their search engine (“ages ago”), I have yet to observe this type of behaviour in relation to Google’s advertising.

In case the original video / stream was not using any visual trickery, it’s very likely that the same person or someone else nearby, was signed into Google Chrome with the same account, at the same location, and then searched for dog toys on his mark. The targeted ads are likely to be shared across user accounts if you’re signed into Google Chrome.

There’s another likely scenario, where he was using Google Chrome on his smartphone, and during the stream, searched for those specific dog toys, or even had bookmarks for specific dog toys, ready to open, as soon as the first set of ads had been shown.

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