In this video I demonstrate how to connect a BusPirate device to the router and access the serial console with PuTTy! I also show a common mistake when connecting the cables.


Warranty Disclaimer: By opening and modifying your router you forfeit/nullify all warranties. If you break your router while modifying it like I do in my videos, then it is your own fault. Soldering on equipment is not without risks. (I haven’t managed to break my routers yet though.)


Topics Covered:
– BusPirate Cable Pinout Diagram
– Connecting The Cables
– Configuring & Using PuTTY
– BusPirate Console Basics
– BusPirate UART Configuration
– BusPirate Macro Mode
– Basic Troubleshooting


– BusPirate v3.6a
– TP Link Router (TL-WA801ND)


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