In this video I show how to recreate the popular SLMail exploit from scratch!

This video is the first part of a mini-series, so within the next couple of days the next video should be ready and published.

Vulnerable Software: (This software is intentionally vulnerable and should only be installed inside a virtual machine. In order to recreate the exploit as shown in this video, you will need to use a 32-bit Windows 7 installation. Windows Vista or XP may work as well.)

Windows 7 Virtual Machine:
Kali Linux: (
VMware: (You may be able to use VirtualBox as well.)

Immunity Debugger:
Mona: (
Python: (

Background real space image:

Final POC:

Topics covered:
– Installation of tools inside the Windows 7 virtual machine
– Adding a network interface to the virtual machine
– Kali Linux Undercover Mode
– Python POC Basics (Explaining the Proof Of Concept)
– Verifying that our SLMail service is running
– Changing the appearance (i.e. font size) of Immunity Debugger
– Overflowing the Extended Instruction Pointer (EIP)
– Sending a controlled crash string to modify EIP
– Searching memory for “opcodes” in loaded modules such as DLLs (Multiple ways)
– Little Endian encoding of EIP

The remaining topics such as finding bad characters, generating shellcode, reconfiguring the windows firewall, etc., will be covered in the following video.

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