In this video I show what type of hardware is necessary to conduct mobile wireless reconnaissance without a laptop, but instead with a raspberry pi, plug’n’play style!

The wireless card, GPS module, and powerbank do not have to be those exact models that I use.
In fact, as long as the wireless card is supported with Kismet, and is able to get a decent signal, powered over USB, etc., then almost any card can be used.

Generally I recommend Alfa cards (I know they’re not super easy to get, but they’re worth it), because they’re generally the best. If you want an Alfa card that’s compatible with hostapd-wpe, then you want the black version. (Not used in this video, but I have one for a future video.)

For the GPS module, several other types will work. More specifically those mentioned in the ‘gpsmon’ help page, which features a list of supported GPS modules/chipsets. Obviously, the GPS module needs to support USB output. Kismet can work directly with some GPS modules, but I prefer using gpsmon as a local service.

– Raspberry Pi 3 Model B + Original Case
– Alfa card (AWUS036H ~30dBm)
– GPS (GlobalSat BU353S4)
– PowerBank (5V/2A ~10000mAh)

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