In this video I demonstrate how to attack WPA/WPA2 PSK “secure” wireless networks! This type of attack requires a wireless client to be authenticated with the target wireless network, but does not require the SSID to be broadcast. (Not broadcasting the ESSID returns no real security benefit.)

The type of “WPA” does not matter, i.e. the wireless network can utilize WPA TKIP or WPA CCMP (AES), but either will do when the handshake is captured and attempted to be cracked.

Using WPA CCMP (AES) with a 64-byte (character) password is currently near impossible to crack though.

DISCLAIMER: Deauthenticating clients (i.e. any type of device) from any network without explicit written permission is illegal in most countries. Logging on to any secured wireless network, which you have obtained access by cracking the handshake is also considered illegal in most countries. This is just a friendly reminder that just because you CAN, does NOT mean you SHOULD (hack everyone’s wireless networks).

Topics covered:
– Stopping Interfering Processes
– Activating Monitor Mode
– Sniffing Authentication Handshakes
– Deauthenticating Wireless Clients
– Cracking Authentication Handshakes

Tools covered:
– Airmon-ng
– Airodump-ng
– Aireplay-ng
– Aircrack-ng

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